About FrankieKnowledge Consulting Team

Established in 1982
FrankieKnowledge Consulting Team offers Customized Business Enhancement Solutions to Hotels. We adopt a Structured and Modular Approach to Significantly Improve and Sustain the Performance of Budget, Business and Boutique Hotels

During this On-going Global Coronavirus Pandemic, the Single-Minded Focus of FrankieKnowledge Consulting Team is to guide Budget, Business and Boutique Hotels to Successfully Implement COVID-19 Management Measures and Hotel Business Management Strategies required to progressively Start to Recover and Bounce Back within 90 days

Our 2 Current Flagship Service/Solutions are –
1] The 90 days Hotel Business Recovery Package customized for Owners of Budget, Business and Boutique Hotels
2] How to Implement 10 Key Steps to Attract and Sustain Room Bookings during this COVID-19 Pandemic by adopting a Focused Marketing System

In addition, We offer 5 other Supporting Packages designed to empower Hotel Owners and their Staff with Structured Knowledge, Skills, Systems, SOPs, Operating Rules and Tools needed to effectively operate their Hotels during this unprecedented crisis. These 5 packages are –

(1) A Systematic and Sustainable Approach to TOTAL HOTEL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT
(2) Maximizing your Hotel Room Sales through Effective OTA MANAGEMENT
(4) Increasing Hotel Room Bookings through Effective FACEBOOK BUSINESS TOOL and DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGIES
(5) Enhancing your HOTEL SERVICE BRAND and ROOM SALES by implementing a Focused GUEST REVIEW SYSTEM

Based on our analysis of the Current Hotel Business Landscape in Malaysia, Many Hotels will suspend their Operations and eventually they will Close Down. Many Hotel Owners will be forced to sell their Hotel Business. This Scenario will give rise to some Real Business Opportunites 

With this conviction in mind, the Next Level Business Package that we are planning to launch in July.August 2020 is “How to Strategically Invest, Buy or Set Up a Budget, Business or Boutique Hotel in 2020 during this On-going COVID-19 Pandemic”



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