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Established in 1982 and rebranded in 2020, FrankieKnowledge is a Reputable Business Consulting and Coaching Practice dedicated to Breakthrough Performance for Hotels, Family-run Businesses, SMEs, Corporates and Public Listed Companies [PLCs]. FrankieKnowledge is divided into 4 Operating Organizations, namely – FrankieKnowledge Hotel Consulting, FrankieKnowledge Corporate Consulting, FrankieKnowledge Family Business Consulting and FrankieKnowledge Family Business Certification


FrankieKnowledge Hotel Consulting is One of the Leading Hotel Consulting, Management and Coaching Organizations in Malaysia with 38 years of international and local experience. Over the years, FrankieKnowledge Hotel Consulting has developed a Strong Reputation as the Best in Class and Top Budget, Boutique and Business Hotel Consultant with a high degree of professionalism

As a Responsible Organization, our comprehensive, unique and results-driven Hotel Consulting Solutions are customized, personalized and tailor-made to meet the real needs of the Hotel Business Owners. Most important, our professional service is highly affordable, economical and budget-friendly


Over the last 38 years, I have worked with hundreds of hotels in Malaysia and Republic of Mauritius in a very wide range of Strategic and Operational roles, including – 
1| Hotel Business and Management Consultant and Coach, 
2| Hotel Business Recovery and Business Improvement Advisor, 
3| Hotel Business Planning Consultant,
4| OTA (Online Travel Agent) Management Consultant
5| Online Hotel Room Bookings Consultant
6| Hotel Marketing, Revenue and Sales Strategist
7| Hotel KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Consultant
8| Hospitality and Hotel Management Trainer
9| Hotel Front Office Management Consultant
10| Hotel Customer Service and Guest Review System Consultant
11| Budget and Boutique Hotel Design and Development Consultant
12| Hotel Operations Consultant and General Manager



During this on-going global coronavirus pandemic, my single-minded focus is to guide budget, business and boutique hotels and up to 5-Star hotels to successfully implement COVID-19 Management Measures and Business Management Strategies required to progressively start to recover and bounce back.  In this context, my primary emphasis is to work with hotels to implement 10 Key Steps to attract and sustain room bookings by adopting a Focused Marketing System



Based on my analysis of the current hotel business landscape, the demand for hotel rooms will decrease very significantly. Many Hotels in Malaysia will suspend their operations and eventually they will close down. The balance of the hotels that plan to continue their business operations will struggle to achieve the desired level of room occupancy just to break even. In furtherance, majority of the hotels will also face many additional critical challenges, including – price war, high monthly fixed and operating costs, staffing and related issues.

As a Hotel Owner, if you do not believe that there is a future in this current environment, I strongly suggest that you seriously consider to sell your hotel business  now. Of course, on the other hand, if you are able to see the real opportunity in this crisis, I would advise you to take concrete steps to buy or invest in the hotel business. Most important, you must stay focus to build a strong reputation for your hotel as – “A Responsible Hotel that offers the Safest Accommodation in your geographical location of competition”.


Specifically, FrankieKnowledge Hotel Consulting offers 2 Major Categories of Service and Solutions
[1] Hotel Consulting and Management Series [3 to 12 months per project]
[2] Hotel Coaching Series [4 hours per coaching module]

Hotel Breakthrough Performance Framework by FrankieKnowledge



FrankieKnowledge Hotel Consulting offers results-focused and customized Hotel Consulting and Management Service and Solutions, generally ranging from 3 to 12 months per project.
Our 2 Current Flagship Service / Solutions are –

1] The Hotel Business Recovery Package customized for Budget, Business & Boutique Hotels

2] How to Implement 10 Key Steps to Attract and Sustain Room Bookings during this COVID-19 Pandemic by adopting a Focused Marketing System

In addition, We offer 6 other Supporting Packages designed to empower Hotel Owners and their Staff with Structured Knowledge, Skills, Systems, SOPs, Operating Rules and Tools needed to effectively operate their Hotels during this unprecedented crisis. These 6 packages are –

(1) A Systematic and Sustainable Approach to TOTAL HOTEL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT
(2) Maximizing your Hotel Room Sales through Effective OTA MANAGEMENT
(4) Increasing Hotel Room Bookings through Effective FACEBOOK BUSINESS TOOL
(5) Implementing a Focused GUEST REVIEW SYSTEM to drive Guest Retention
(6) Recruiting and Stabilizing your FRONT OFFICE Staffing


Over the last 38 years, FrankieKnowledge Hotel Consulting has successfully designed, developed and conducted a comprehensive range of customized coaching programmes and modules to enhance the knowledge and skills of 1|Hotel Owners, 2|Hotel Managers, 3|Front Office Staff, 4|Housekeeping Staff, 5|Marketing and Sales Staff and 6|Other Hotel Administration and Support Staff. A partial list of our Coaching programmes/modules are listed below –

[1] How to successfully implement COVID-19 Management Policy, SOPs and Business Recovery Action Plan

[2] 10 Key Steps to attract and sustain Room Bookings during this COVID-19 Pandemic by adopting a Focused Marketing System

[3] How to strategically manage Budget Hotels, 2-Star Hotels and 3-Star Hotels to achieve Sustainable Business Profits

[4] A systematic approach to formulate the Strategic Business plan to position the hotel to achieve the desired Business Performance

[5] A structured approach to increase hotel sales through Focused Selling, Negotiation and Servicing Skills

[6] Developing the 8 Critical Skills of the Head of Departments (HODs) in a Performance-driven Hotel

[7] How to develop and implement a highly effective Customized Key Performance Indicator (KPI) System to achieve the business goals of the hotel

[8] Nurturing the 8 Highly Focused Capabilities of Key Hotel Talents to achieve Breakthrough Performance

[9] Maximize your Hotel Room Sales by adopting a highly systematic approach to OTA Management and Operations

[10] Enhance your Hotel Service Brand and Sales by implementing a highly structured Guest Review System

[11] Developing the 7 Critical Skills of a Front Office Professional to achieve Service Excellence in the Hotel

[12] A step-by-step approach to manage Difficult and Angry Guests in the Hotel

[13] How to formulate and implement an effective Walk-In, Call-In and Book Direct Management System

[14] How to implement a Customized Front Office Key Result Areas [KRAs] System for the 3 Work Shifts – Morning, Afternoon and Night Shift

[15] Adopting a systematic approach to effectively organize the Hotel Front Office Filing System

[16] Adopting a systematic approach to effectively manage OTA Bookings – Hotel Collect and OTA Collect

[17] Developing effective Counselling Skills to Motivate and Energize Hotel Staff

[18] Developing effective Coaching and Mentoring Skills to systematically Nurture Hotel Staff

[19] Developing Key Leadership and Managerial Skills of the Hotel Manager and Supervisors

[20] Developing Strong Positive Hotel Culture to drive Positive Team Dynamics

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