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Established in 1982 and rebranded in 2020, FrankieKnowledge is a Reputable Business Consulting and Coaching Practice dedicated to Breakthrough Performance for Hotels, Family-run Businesses, SMEs, Corporates and Public Listed Companies [PLCs]. FrankieKnowledge is divided into 4 Operating Organizations, namely – FrankieKnowledge Hotel Consulting, FrankieKnowledge Corporate Consulting, FrankieKnowledge Family Business Consulting and FrankieKnowledge Family Business Certification


The FrankieKnowledge Family Business and Succession Planning Framework provides a structured and modular approach to progressively transform the Business into a highly Reputable, Profitable and Sustainable Family Business Legacy that will last for many generations to come.

In addition, the Framework also prepares the Business Successor [for example, the children of the Business Founder] to step-by-step take over and operate the Family Business effectively and efficiently. As a Family Business and Succession Planning Consultant and Coach, one of my key priorities is to progressively nurture the Business Successor to be a highly visionary and competent Business Leader with the strategic and operational capabilities to innovate and sustain the Family Business.

To be very specific, the FrankieKnowledge Family Business and Succession Planning Framework consists of 15 integrated modules. It offers a clear focus and pathway for the Business Owner and Business Successor on one hand and the FrankieKnowledge Business Consulting Team on the other hand to work together effectively to systematically guide the Family Business to achieve the desired outcome. Yes. To be A Solid and Proud Family Business that is built to last.

In other words, upon the completion and implementation of the 15 modules as highlighted in the Framework, the Family Business will build a very Foundation together with the required Focused Capabilities to progressively transform itself into a Reputable, Profitable and Sustainable Family Business. The Family Business transformation process is an extremely meaningful and rewarding journey

Depending on the Entry Level of the Family Business, the 15 Modules can generally be completed within 3 months to 3 years. This Framework can be effectively customized to meet the specific needs of all Family Businesses, irrespective of their size, including – 1| Micro Enterprise, 2| Small-Medium Enterprise, 3| Mid to Large Organization, 4| A Diversified Business Group or Conglomerate and 5|Public Listed Company


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