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  • Over the last 33 years, FRANKIE has offered coaching, advisory / consulting service, facilitated customised In-House Programmes and delivered Public Programmes/Presentations to more than 1000 corporations from 23 countries.
  • These Countries include – Republic of Mauritius, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Norway, Taiwan, India, Mongolia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Bahrain, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, Botswana, Nigeria, USA and Malaysia.

  • Below is a partial list of Global Organisations that he has worked with over the last 33 years

    1. REPUBLIC OF MAURITIUS – Industrial and Vocational Training Board,Floreal Knitwear Ltd, Air Mauritius Ltd, Mauritius Telekom, World Duty Free (Mauritius) Ltd, Rogers and Co. Ltd, Flacq United Estates Limited, General Construction Co. Ltd, Food and Allied Industrial Ltd, National Computer Board, Financial Services Commission, Constance Hotels Academy and Paradise Company Limited.

    2THAILAND – Coordinating Committee for Geoscience programmes in East and South East Asia (CCOP) Technical Secretariat, Thailand, Department for Mineral Resources, and Department of Mineral Fuels.

    3.INDONESIA – Medco E and P Indonesia, Research and Development Center for Oil and Gas Technology “LEMIGAS” Indonesia, Bandung Institute of Technology, Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration , Lembaga Menajemen PPM, PT WijayaKarya (Persero) Tbk and PT (Persero) AngkasaPura 1

    4. CHINA – Science and Technology Department, SINOPEC, E and P Research Institute, SINOPEC and Global Business Management Consulting Co. Ltd.

    5. REPUBLIC OF KOREA – Korea Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy (MOCIE), Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resource (KIGAM), BT & S, and Korea Productivity Center.

    6. SINGAPORE – IC Equipment Pte. Ltd., Quality Quest Solutions, Consulting One, and Hocklink Systems and Services Pte. Ltd.

    7. PHILIPPINES – Department of Energy, Energy Center.

    8. VIETNAM – Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PetroVietnam), Vietnam Productivity Centre, Small and Medium Enterprise Development Support Centre 1-Directorate for Standards and Quality, Dream- house, Ho Tay Waterpark and Tam Viet Group.

    9. CAMBODIA – Cambodian National Petroleum Authority.

    10. NORWAY – Norwegian Petroleum Directorate

    11. TAIWAN – China Productivity Center.

    12. INDIA – National Productivity Council

    13. MONGOLIA – Baganuur Joint Stock Company.

    14. PAKISTAN – National Productivity Organisation.

    15. SRI LANKA – Sri Lanka Institute of Development Administration.

    16. HONG KONG – Focused Honour International.

    17. SOUTH AFRICA – Donald and Associates, HR Consulting and Nadis Company, National Energy Regulator of South Afica and South African National Centre for Informatics, Knowledge Management and Knowledge Economy.

    18. UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – Al Ain University of Science & Technology, Ai Jaber Group Abu Dhabi and Enterprise Services, Cybertech ME.

    19. BAHRAIN– ITQAN Management Consultancy.

    20. NIGERIA – Central Bank of Nigeria, Security and Exchange Commission, Mobil Producing Nig ULTD, Chemstar Paints Industry (Nigeria) Limited, Nigerian Capital Market Institute, Security Swaps Limited and Financial Institutions Training Centre.

    21. BOTSWANA – Local Enterprise Authority.

    22. USA – Grand Valley State University.



Some of


Participants from REPUBLIC of MAURITIUS


Participants from NIGERIA and BOTSWANA


Participants from SOUTH AFRICA


Participants from CHINA and UNITED ARAB EMIRATES





Participant from INDONESIA



Participants from HONG KONG (Centre) and INDONESIA (Right)



Participants from INDONESIA (Right and Left) and VIETNAM (Centre)



Participants from THAILAND (Left) and THE PHILIPPINES (Right)



Participants from UNITED KINGDOM and Other Countries


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