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AMICOL Accelerated Mindset in Corporate Learning

All My Coaching Sessions, In-House Corporate Learning, Public Programmes and Licensing Workshops are conducted by using my Highly Unique Facilitation Technique known as AMICOL – Acceleraed Mindset in Corporate Learning

This Facilitation Technique is Innovated based on my 38 years of Global and Local experience serving more than 1000 Organizations from 23 Countries

My Facilitation Technique is used to significantly enhance the Highly Focused Capabilities of the Heads of Company, Heads of Department and Key Talents. The key emphasis of my Facilitation Technique is on – Immediate Applications and Transfer of Learning to the Workplace to drive Breakthrough Performance

What are the 3
used to power My Facilitation Technique ?


Principles of Andragogy Pyschology of Corporate Action Learning Practice of Knowledge Management
is a 3-STEP
Corporate Learning Approach

Step One

To ensure that the Content is systematically covered (usually in the Morning), My Participants are given the opportunity to ACQUIRE STRUCTURED WORK-related KNOWLEDGE through My Specific TRAINING PRESENTATION approach

Adequate amount of time will be allocated to allow My Participants to raise Key Questions, Work-related Issues, Major Concerns and Specific Challenges that they face. This will offer me the platform to ADD REAL VALUE by SHARING My Answers, Responses and Solutions

Step Two

In the Afternoon, My Participants are given the opportunity to APPLY their newly acquired Knowledge and DEVELOP the desired HIGHLY FOCUSED CAPABILITIES through My Specific LEARNING COACHING approach

A Combination of Individual Work-related Exercises, Team Discussions and Presentations, Role Plays and related strategies are used. SPECIFIC FEEDBACK will be provided during the Learning Coaching Session

Step Three

During the last 15 Minutes of the Learning Journey, SYSTEMATIC REINFORCEMENT will be carried out to guide My Participants to EFFECTIVELY APPLY at the Workplace what they have learned by using the TRANSFER of LEARNING ACTION PLAN



Finally, My Participants are given FULL AUTHORIZATION to duplicate all My Materials and use them freely in their Organisations

In other words, the Participants can also Effectively SHARE what they have learned to other Talents in their Organisations  

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