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Established in 1982, FrankieKnowledge Corporate Consulting Team offers Customized Breakthrough Performance, Corporate Improvement, Strategic Management, Performance Management, Knowledge Management and Human Capital/Talent Enhancement solutions to organizations of all sizes.

We adopt a structured and modular approach to significantly improve and sustain the performance of Public Listed Companies (PLCs), Corporates and SMEs. During this highly challenging times, the strategic focus of FrankieKnowledge Corporate Consulting Team is to work with Public Listed Companies (PLCs), Corporates and SMEs to successfully implement Breakthrough Performance initiatives required to assist them to progressively recover and sustain organizational performance and maintain competitive advantage. These Breakthrough Performance Strategies are customized to meet the real needs of the different types of organizations

Specifically, FrankieKnowledge Corporate Consulting Team offers 2 Major Categories of Service and Solutions
[1] Corporate Consulting Series [3 to 12 months per project]
[2] Corporate Coaching Series [4 to 24 hours per programme]

Since 1982, more than 1000 Corporates from 23 countries have participated in our consulting assignments and coaching programmes

These countries include,  – 

Republic of Mauritius, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Norway, Taiwan,  India, Mongolia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Botswana, UAE, Nigeria, USA and Malaysia


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