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Based on our analysis of the current Hotel Business Landscape, many Budget, Business and Boutique Hotels in the country have already suspended their operations and eventually they will close down. The balance of the hotels that are continuing their business operations are struggling to achieve the desired level of room occupancy just to break even. In short, the Hotel Business Environment is facing a Crisis. However, in this crisis, there are Real Business Opportunities


In this highly challenging times, your bargaining power as a buyer is much higher than the bargaining power of the seller. Therefore, strategically, you are in a much stronger position to negotiate a more favourable business deal especially with regards to the Final Purchase Price. The Final Purchase Price and the Terms of Payment are very critical because they will have a direct impact on your Return on Investment


In furtherance, after acquiring the hotel business, you would still have 3 to 6 months Time Gap to strategically reorganize and reposition your business. In actual fact, it would be just in time to fully capitalize on the progressive market recovery. We anticipate that the market will start to show some real signs of business recovery towards the end of quarter four 2020


This crisis has also changed the logic of differentiation. Previously, most hotels differentiate themselves by placing key focus on offering excellent service and quality room. Now, this COVID-19 pandemic has given you a real opportunity to differentiate and position your newly acquired hotel business as – ” A Responsible Hotel that offers the Safest Accommodation in your geographical location of competition” [in addition to excellent service and room quality] 

What We Can Do For You?

Once you have made up your mind to buy a hotel business, Talk to us. For your information, we are Not Property Agents. We are Hotel Business Enhancement Consultants with 38 years of experience offering Hotel Business Consulting, Hotel Management and Hotel Operation Service / Solutions especially to Budget, Business and Boutique Hotels. Of course, we do collaborate with Property Agents.

Step 1 We will carry out an Investment Needs Analysis to determine your Budget, Payment Schedule, Expected Return of Investment, Preferred Hotel Business Location, Preferred Size of Business Operations and related concerns
Step 2 Based on the Investment Parameters, we will source for a Hotel Business that Best meets your Specific Needs
Step 3 Once the preliminary needs are met and agreed upon, we will proceed to carry out the Hotel Business Audit to determine the Real Potential and Market Value of the Selected Hotel Business
Step 4 We will represent you to undertake all negotiations with the Seller and related parties/authorities until the Hotel Business Deal is completely closed
Step 5 If the needs arise, we would be pleased to offer to you our Total Hotel Business Management Service/Solutions. The ultimate focus is to assist your newly acquired Hotel Business to attract and sustain Room Bookings by adopting a highly focused Marketing System


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