Hi I am Frankie Ow. I am the Chief Strategist of FrankieKnowledge Consulting Team. Welcome and Thank you for taking time off to visit My Content Website. This website offers a factual description of my journey in life


Over the last 38 years, I have worked with hundreds of hotels in Malaysia and Republic of Mauritius in a very wide range of strategic and operational roles, including - 
1] Hotel Business Advisor and Management Consultant, 
2] Hotel Business Recovery and Business Improvement Consultant,
3] Hotel Business Planning and Marketing Strategist,
4] Hotel Operations Manager,
5] On-line Bookings and OTA Management Strategist,
6] Front Office and SOP Consultant,
7] Hotel Coach and Counsellor and
8] Hospitality Management Trainer


During this on-going global coronavirus pandemic, my single-minded focus is to guide budget, business and boutique hotels and up to 5-Star hotels to successfully implement COVID-19 Management Policy, COVID-19 Critical Operating Rules, COVID-19 Enhanced SOPs and Checklists, related COVID-19 Management Measures and Business Management Strategies required to progressively start to recover and bounce back within 90 days . In this context, my primary emphasis is to work with hotels to implement 10 Key Steps to attract and sustain room bookings by adopting a Focused Marketing System


Based on my analysis of the current hotel business landscape, the demand for hotel rooms will decrease very significantly. Many Hotels in Malaysia will suspend their operations and eventually they will close down. The balance of the hotels that plan to continue their business operations will struggle to achieve the desired level of room occupancy just to break even.

In furtherance, majority of the hotels will also face many additional critical challenges, including - price war, high monthly fixed and operating costs, staffing and related issues.

As a Hotel Owner, if you do not believe that there is a future in this current environment, I strongly suggest that you seriously consider to sell your hotel business  now. Of course, on the other hand, if you are able to see the real opportunity in this crisis, I would advise you to take concrete steps to buy or invest in the hotel business. Most important, you must stay focus to build a strong reputation for your hotel as - "A Responsible Hotel that offers the Safest Accommodation in your geographical location of competition.


Since 1982, more than 1000 corporates from 23 countries have participated in my Knowledge Management, Strategic Management and related management consulting assignments and coaching programmes.

These include,  - 
Republic of Mauritius, Thailand,
Indonesia, China, Republic of Korea, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Norway, Taiwan,  India, Mongolia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Dubai, UAE, Nigeria, USA and Malaysia


May I suggest that you visit the menu buttons on -  Covid-19, Hotel Business Recovery,  Hotel1Hotel2Hotel3  and Corporate to review my unique solutions. Yes! Do also review my Hotel Management  Video  Series and Knowledge Management  Video Series. After touring my website, if you discover that I can potentially add real value to your hotel or organization and/or your goodself, please do contact me  

I am a down-to-earth person. I am a global citizen with a global mindset. I live in a borderless world that is driven by knowledge and powered by innovation.  I strongly believe that - "The future belongs to those who have the courage to pursue their dreams." 



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