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This website offers a Factual Description of my journey in life and my focus, that is – “Offering Key Talent Upskilling Interventions to achieve Breakthrough Performance”. May I suggest that you visit the button on - "EXPERTISE" to review my Core Expertise and view My VIDEO Channel on Breakthrough Performance. 

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After touring My Website, if you discover that I can potentially Add Real Value to your organisation and/or your goodself, please contact AMICOL Centre for Talent Management  – The Global Centre that I have appointed to manage all My Solutions

I am a Down-to-Earth Person. I am a Global Citizen with a Global Mindset. I live in a Borderless World that is driven by Knowledge and powered by Innovation.  I strongly believe that - "The future belongs to those who have the courage to pursue their dreams."


6th February 2016


logo 1AMICOL
Centre for Talent Management
Appointed on 15th October 2013 as the Official Global Centre to Plan, Organise and Manage all My FrankieKnowledge Talent Management Upskilling Solutions. It is a HRDF Registered Learning Provider.

Key Talent Upskilling
I offer a Highly Differentiated Key Talent Upskilling Intervention Programme to achieve Breakthrough Performance. This is a Practical and Results-Oriented Performance Management Process implemented to achieve and exceed Current and Future Work Goals

Performance Management System
I offer a structured 10-Step Approach to design, develop and implement a Highly Focused Performance Management System for your Organisation from - "Zero-base", including enhancing your Existing Performance Management System and setting KRAs and KPIs

My Facilitation Technique
My Coaching Sessions, In-House Learning, Public Programmes, Licensing Workshops and Consulting Assignments are conducted by using My Unique Facilitation Technique and Consulting Techniques Matrix innovated based on My 33 years Global and Local Experience

My Core Expertise
My Core Expertise is to assist your Organisation to achieve Breakthrough Performance by Progressively Transforming your Selected Employees and Talents to be Key Talents through My Key Talent Upskilling Interventions 

Supporting SPECIALISED Programmes
I offer 30 Supporting Specialised Programmes divided into – 1| Head of Department Enhancement, 2| Empowerment Skills, 3| Corporate Sales and Customer Service Skills, 4| Learning and Development and 5| Key Management and Soft Skills Series

GlobeCorporate Focus Map
I offer an integrated 3-Module approach to crystallise and formulate your Organisation's Vision,Mission and Philosophy (including Culture, Shared Values and Core Values) to drive Sustainable Breakthrough Performance and Strategic Planning

LATEST Weekly Updates
Provides the latest weekly updates on My Resource Materials, Participants, Corporate Clients, Coaching Sessions, In-House Learning, Public Programmes, Licensing Workshops, Consulting Assignments, Happenings and Events. 


A Comprehensive range of videos on- 1| Knowledge-based Economy, 11th Malaysia Plan and POKM, 2| POKM Centre, Model and Programmes, 3| Global and Local POKM Assignments and 4| Breakthrough Performance through POKM


CLCLogoCorporate Learning Centre 
I offer 6 Highly Unique Solutions on 1| Learning/Development Outsourcing, 2| Setting up and Upgrading Learning/Development Functions and 3| Establishing, Managing and Enhancing Corporate Learning Centres.

LicensingLOGOMy Licensing Programme
I offer a 5-day Breakthrough Performance Licensing Programme. A Successful Graduate will be appointed as an Authorised FrankieKnowledge POKM Facilitator, Coach and Consultant on a Part-Time or Full-Time basis.

Drop me a line whenever you want to frankie@frankieknowledge.com